Convallaria  (Natural)

Convallaria, otherwise known as lily of the valley, is a sweet, snow white, bell shaped flower. It is the perfect compliment to a bridal bouquet, believed to bring luck to the newlyweds. The Duchess of Cambridge had convallaria in her bridal bouquet, and it is often the choice flower for a corsage. 
After having removed the roots, the convallaria has a vase life of one week. It can also be used in a potted arrangement by leaving the roots intact. Convallaria is a natural air freshener and has an impressively sweet smell for such a small flower.  

Convallaria Care Tips

Upon arrival,  allow the roots to soak in 5 cm water for 30 minutes!

-Remove the paper wrapping
-Set in 5 cm water
-Store in 5 degrees celcius whit the light on
-Keep the Convallaria out of the wind

Arranging with roots
-Remove paper wrapping
-Transplant into pottery or glass

Arranging without roots
-Remove paper wrapping
-Cut to desired lenght
-Allow to sit in chrysal sollution for 30 minutes
-Arrange as desired






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