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Vip Roses is aware that you as a website visitor place your trust in us and we therefore take it upon ourselves to protect your privacy. Here you can read about what type of information we gather and why.

By visiting this site you agree to our privacy policy, applying to all our services. We are not responsible for the privacy policy of other sites. Vip Roses ensures that all personal information is dealt with in a confidential manner and we respect the privacy of all the visitors to our website.


Use of Gathered Information

Services through Vip Roses
Should you sign up for our services, Vip Roses may request personal information in order to fulfill the service. Your information will be saved on our secure server or that of a secure third party. We will not combine your information with other information which we have access to.

Should you send us an e-mail or similiar message, then it is possible that these will be saved. If necessary we may request personal information from you in order to process your mail and answer your request. Your information will be saved on our secure server or that of a secure third party. We will not combine your information with other information which we have access to.

Vip Roses gathers information lending itself to better insight into the needs of our customers. This research results in an improved ability to serve our customers and enhanced services. Cookies are pieces of text that are placed upon your computer in order to analyse website interaction. These cookies create information which is then stored on Vip Roses' secure server or that of a third party. Vip Roses uses this information to analyse website usage and to create reports.

Vip Roses does not gather and collect any information for any other purpose than what is described in this privacy policy, unless that has been agreed upon with you in advance.

Third Parties
Any information shared with Vip Roses will not be shared with third parties. Information could be shared internally within Vip Roses however, all employees are obligated to protect and respect any confidential information.

It is advised that you regularly review this privacy policy, it is possible that this site and therefore also this policy may change.

Personal Data
Visitors to our site are given the opportunity to view, adjust or delete their personal data that is shared with us.

Unsubscribe from our Newsletter
Should you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, than you can do so via the link at the bottom of the newsletter. It is also possible to alter your contact information, to do so please contact us at

Alter Communication Settings
Should you wish to change your contact information or unsubscribe from any communication please contact us at

Turn off Cookies
Nearly all browsers are set to accept standard cookies. It is possible to adjust the settings so that your browser does not automatically accept cookies or that you receive a notification when a cookie has been sent. Not all functions may work if cookies are not accepted.

Questions and Feedback
Vip Roses regularly ensures that this privacy policy is being properly upheld. Should you have a question regarding our privacy policy please don't hesitate to contact us at


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