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VipRoses are traded at Flora Holland, Dutch exporters distribute them all over the world.  We do not export or ship roses ourselves!
Exporters can buy our roses at Flora Holland auctions and directly from a webshop connection. 
Wholesalers can buy our roses at dutch exporters/traders.
Florists can buy our roses at wholesalers  supplied by Dutch exporters.

Link to Exporters/traders and partners selling VipRoses
Hoven en de Mooij (wholesaler)
OZ Export (Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America
EZ Flowers (World wide, specialized in air shipments USA)
Hamifleurs (World wide)
Hukra BV (Sweden, Finland)
Van Dijk Bloemen (World wide, Usa, Australia,Far East)
Van der Plas Bloemen (Europe)
Hilverda de Boer (World wide, Norway)
Floris (agora group) (Holland,Belgium, France)
Van Duyvenvoorde (Europe)
Barendsen (World wide)
Fleura Metz (world wide)
Waterdrinker(World wide)
Van Vliet Flower Group (UK, Ireland and Eastern Europe)
Verbeek & Bol (World wide)
Dingeman Hoek (cash and carry Rijnsburg Holland)
Hans Visser (World wide)
Sjaak van der Vijver (UK, Poland, Russia, Romania) 
IBH-Export (Europe)
Holland Indoor Plants (Europe)
Henk Baltus (Central and eastern Europe)
Juniflor (UK, Eastern Europe)
Byfod BV ( USA, Australia, South-Africa,Russia)
Green Fields (Arabic Countries)


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