• About us at VipRoses

    Ed and Marc Sassen, two sons from a growers family own the most beautiful rose company in Holland. They not only grow the most beautiful garden shape roses but are also true artists when it comes to decorating and they pimp roses with various toppings.
    They also grow  garden shaped roses from April to November and let them rest through the winter. In winter they are busy with their glitter and glamour roses.

    Ed with his organizational talents and Marc with his artistic talents together form a perfect team. Hunting new rose varieties with garden shapes or special colours is their specialty when it comes to natural roses, or days of testing with all kinds of glitter or other toppings for the real bling bling effect is where they get their energy from. Also their youngest brother Jeroen as salesman joined the company, as a little boy he already sold roses in the streets.

    How to buy..
    VipRoses are traded at FloraHolland. Dutch exporters distribute them all over the world. We, however, do not export or ship roses ourselves.

    Exporters can buy our roses at FloraHolland auctions, directly from VipRoses  and all available toppings on demand at Hoven en de Mooij. 

    Wholesalers can buy our roses through Dutch exporters/traders.

    Florists can buy our roses from wholesalers that are supplied by Dutch exporters.

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